a free music player designed to help you enjoy all of the music in your life

We love music.

More than simple sounds:
Music marks life’s ups and downs, and taps into our deepest emotions.

Digital music is great:
Our computers and smart devices allow us to discover, enjoy and vibrate on an unlimited range of music. It's just awesome.

To fully enjoy the wide ocean of music we own or have access to, we need to rethink the digital music library. We need an audio player that puts technology at the service of our passion: music.

Revive your music

Because music represents our moments of life, feedbk gives life back to our music.

With feedbk, your music comes to life. Say hi to an animated universe where your music takes center stage.


feedbk offers a a clear and intuitive design to let you focus on what's important: our music.

Navigating through your library, controlling your playlists, managing your music tags... has never been that easy.


When we have access to a huge quantity of music, it is easy to loose track. Out of sight, out of mind: distance grows between us and our music.

feedbk allows you to reconnect with all your music and discover a new way to enjoy your musical life.


... to get the best out of your music

Fast and clear

feedbk offers an uncluttered and functional interface to help you to focus on what's important: your music. Manage your music, your playlists and your tags with intuitive controls.


with feedbk, visualize of each track you listen through real-time waveforms.

Waveforms, reach through my mind!

Live set

With feedbk, your music queue comes alive and becomes the LIVE SET: feed it fresh music to keep it alive and easily manage what's coming next!

Smart Library

With feedbk, navigate intuitively through your music universe: simple and quick filters, mood tags, clear visual highlights, and much more…

Easy import

You love music but don't want to know anything about files and directories?
You absolutely have to manage all your music files by hand on your hard drive?

feedbk offers both methods. Import your music quickly, easily, and enjoy it the way you want to.

You can even import your whole iTunes library in a single click!

Multi format

Listen to all your music in any file format! feedbk embraces them all: AAC, AIFF, ALAC, APE, MP3, OGG, FLAC, MP2, MPC, Opus, SPX, WAV, Wavepack & WMA*.

To make it simple, feedbk supports all the following file extensions: aac, aif, aiff, ape, fla, flac, it, m4a, m4b, m4p, m4r, mo3, mod, mp+, mp1, mp2, mp3, mpc, mtm, oga, ogg, opus, s3m, umx, wav, wma, wv, xm.

*WMA only available on Windows OS

Soon: Stay connected

Music is our passion. Talking about it, sharing our emotions together is one of the best way to make our passion even more intense.

with feedbk, stay connected as you're listening to your music. Share your thoughts and your tastes WHILE you're listening to your music!

Soon: My auto tune

Most of the time, having a big music library means letting most of its content sleep on your hard drive :(

feedbk saves your tastes and listening habits in the cloud to offer listening suggestions based on YOUR OWN music library.

Why don't you take a listen to the album you have of this artist you love so much? Interested in re listening this track you listened in loop six months ago?Want to take a listen the music in your library you never played, classified by genre and decade?

Thanks to MY AUTO TUNE, revive all your music library.

Soon: My music history

Music goes with our moments of life which are made of ups, downs, repetitions, discoveries, surprises, and so much more… We want to be able to see it and navigate through it: through our own musical life.

feedbk saves your listening history in the cloud and gives you access to it with innovative and appealing data visualizations.

With feedbk, navigate through your musical history, rediscover and relive the soundtrack of your life!

... and a lot more to come!


A foretaste of the look and feel

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feedbk music player for Windows 7 and later is available for testing.
Download the latest release from 2014-12-31

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About the feedbk project

Made by music fans for music fans!

We are a small team of coders and we love music.
We love it so much that we felt constrained by the way available apps allowed us to enjoy music.

So we decided to make our own.

With feedbk, we want to offer real solutions to all the people like us who want to enjoy the music available to them fully.

Join the movement and share your thoughts to help us to make feedbk the best way to enjoy music!